Are you a driven yet highly sensitive woman who yearns for career success and a healthy romantic partnership?

Yet you find that:You want to say “No” – at work or at home – but feel you can’t?

You want to ask for your desires, but it feels impossible to speak up? or worse, you feel guilty any time you do say “No”?

You get angry at the demands people place on you, but you bottle it up inside you?



Welcome to The Power of NO Course!

In this TRANSFORMATIONAL workshop, you will get to explore:

☛ Moving through layers of energetic & /or physical blocks in your body to get to your authentic “YES” and “No!”

☛ Speaking your truth in a safe space

☛ Being safely held and empowered in a circle of powerful women

☛ What it feels like in your body to move from your center & truth, rather than old core wounding.

Ready to find your inner Badass?

☛ What would it be like to experience Ease and Grace around the experience of saying “no” & setting boundaries?

☛ What would it be like to spend a few weeks giving space to the part of you that wants to be able to say “No”, in a safe space, with all of the permission, being seen, validated, and supported in your fierceness AND your beauty?

Using the power of your body vs. endless mental analysis you can find your“Yes” and “No” so much quicker!!

Join me and other like-minded women in going from being a pushover to OWNING your time, space & value (a.k.a. boundaries)!!

In this Course, I walk you through my 5-Step Methodology I developed in my Research, as well as my own journey of healing (which I will share with you). I’ve worked with MANY women using this same Methodology…

How this Process works?

-7 Modules. You have immediate access to all of them, however, I recommend going in ORDER and TAKING all the time you need on each step, on each module. 

Content consists of:

 ☛ Theory / Content Video

 ☛ Practice Video: An exercise or 2 to do or more for each module. (this really helps TURN the material & content INTO transformation). These are a crucial PIECE of the journey.

 ☛ Worksheets with Journaling to help you integrate the material into your unique life. 

The Regular Digital Course alone is regularly priced at 299€.For this LAUNCH, the Promo price is 249€ (250€ savings). 

__ The Order of the Course so you have it (Would love it organized as it was, that each Module opens and they have all of their videos, worksheets, audios in one Module….please include audios, too)

Psychotherapist (MA in Counseling Psychology/CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, registered with BBS, Lic# 120399) &  Empowerment Coach for Women 

M.A. Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Depth Psychology
Pacifica Graduate Institute

B.A. Anthropology
Columbia University

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