The Inner Marriage


Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology, talked about the Inner Marriage as a way of individuating, or becoming your own, full, whole self. Individuating refers to becoming an individual separate from entities like your parents

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The Importance of the Masculine Principle


Often times I see women struggling with the action part of their business. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that women are in essence slackers or anything such. I think women have often been

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Action from the Feminine


What do I mean about taking action from the feminine? The thing is, many women (and men, I acknowledge—I simply focus on women) are disempowered because they are really good at taking action (the masculine

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Feminine Power & Masculine Power: A Distinction


Feminine Power: I have the Feminine & Motherhood Empowerment Lounge, I call myself a Feminine & Motherhood Empowerment Coach, all of this Feminine Power stuff, and what the heck is this Feminine Power? It’s so

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The Feminine & The Masculine


As promised, here is the blog post on the energies of the Masculine and Feminine. First of all, it’s not a one “versus” the other type of thing, rather, like a marriage between the two.

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*On Dreamwork*


One of the tools that I use to access my unconscious and some of the stuff that goes on in there to create sustainable, deep transformation, is Dreamwork. I somehow always loved dreams, and found

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~*Healing the Mother Wound*~


To contextualize the topic today, amongst all of the things I do—personally and in my work with clients—amongst the most powerful is to look behind and to see what the patterns and stories from our

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~ On Sisterhood & Community~


After a bit of a stressful move, a weekend in which I had a fight (and a LOVELY make-upJ ) with my husband afterwards… no working wifi in the house…etc. I woke up today, Monday,

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