Safety in the Body as Privilege


Feeling safety in one’s body is sadly not a privilege that every woman partakes in. We could speak this problem as one belonging to  “third-world” countries, “underdeveloped” countries, countries with religions that consider women less

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The Tendency to Overgive


Often times this really stems from our own mothering wounds. Often when we have not had our own mothering needs met… Think about it—if you are a child and you have a parent that is

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The Mom Deficit


This week in the Feminine & Motherhood Empowerment Lounge we are talking about identifying our wounds in mothering and this is something, unfortunately, that does not get talked a lot about in our society. So,

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~*Healing the Mother Wound*~


To contextualize the topic today, amongst all of the things I do—personally and in my work with clients—amongst the most powerful is to look behind and to see what the patterns and stories from our

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~ On Sisterhood & Community~


After a bit of a stressful move, a weekend in which I had a fight (and a LOVELY make-upJ ) with my husband afterwards… no working wifi in the house…etc. I woke up today, Monday,

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