What exactly IS Empowerment? Part I


Why talk about it? What is relevant about it in our actual lives? My intention is to tackle this jargon that’s so widely used in the coaching industry by confronting it head on and exploring

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Safety in the Body as Privilege


Feeling safety in one’s body is sadly not a privilege that every woman partakes in. We could speak this problem as one belonging to  “third-world” countries, “underdeveloped” countries, countries with religions that consider women less

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The Tendency to Overgive


Often times this really stems from our own mothering wounds. Often when we have not had our own mothering needs met… Think about it—if you are a child and you have a parent that is

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The Mom Deficit


This week in the Feminine & Motherhood Empowerment Lounge we are talking about identifying our wounds in mothering and this is something, unfortunately, that does not get talked a lot about in our society. So,

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~*Healing the Mother Wound*~


To contextualize the topic today, amongst all of the things I do—personally and in my work with clients—amongst the most powerful is to look behind and to see what the patterns and stories from our

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~ On Sisterhood & Community~


After a bit of a stressful move, a weekend in which I had a fight (and a LOVELY make-upJ ) with my husband afterwards… no working wifi in the house…etc. I woke up today, Monday,

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