Lion, Lioness…


We are currently undergoing a global spiritual crisis on the Planet.   I am not the first one to talk about it. Professor Joseph Campbell and psychologist James Hillman have both talked about this loss

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You can do it your way!


After a whole entire year of preparing for and passing this exam in German to practice psychotherapy, I’ve now had a few days since last Wednesday to celebrate, rest, and, of course, reflect on what

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Why I dance or Winter Solstice 2016


Why I dance…  Or do anything artistic at all. When I am in that space, it’s like… finally, I see with (more of a) divine light. What do I mean by that? Doing art or

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One of the shadows of the women’s empowerment & women in business and/or coaching world is that they are OFTEN still operating in a masculine model. What does that even mean? That means that, rather


The Embodied Piece: The Arts


SO, how do we learn to take care of ourselves from a loving place, the core, rather than coming from a place of competition or trying to be like the Jones or fit in? How

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The Embodiment Piece: Intro


The Embodiment Piece We can look at our wounds, stay in the insights, look at our blind spots, all we want… But none of that will work unless we move into the embodiment piece. For

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Impatience in Mothering


I’m tackling a difficult subject today, when embraced with the heart: impatience in mothering. When you’re a mom, you’re bound to experience impatience at some point, to some extent or another. For those of you

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