Coaching vs. Psychotherapy (In A Nutshell :))

Practical (vs. Essential) Differences between Coaching & Psychotherapy

Coaching Psychotherapy
No Diagnosis required Diagnosis required by law
Must be paid for out-of-pocket

Possibility of having a part of the fee paid for by health insurance; however, I currently do not accept payments through insurance companies.

Must pay Sales Tax (19%) on Services Rendered* Does not pay Sales Tax
No Diagnostic Report (Bericht) necessary To have it paid by the Insurance, it Requires I write a Diagnostic Report (“Bericht”) & other paperwork to Insurance company, letting them know the Diagnosis & reasoning behind it. (irrelevant at this time, I do not currently accept payment by insurance companies)
Includes Email Between Sessions Does not include email between sessions
Requires very little, if any, paperwork Requires Client send in paperwork to Insurance, to have it paid for.

*Sales Tax or Mehrwertsteuer, usually abbreviated to MwSt, is the German for “VAT”. It is 19% in Germany.

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