Feminine Power & Masculine Power: A Distinction

Feminine Power: I have the Feminine & Motherhood Empowerment Lounge, I call myself a Feminine & Motherhood Empowerment Coach, all of this Feminine Power stuff, and what the heck is this Feminine Power? It’s so obvious to me, and yet I realize I really haven’t written a blog about it.

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So, we’ve lived in a paradigm for a long time in which masculine power (for a detailed explanation on the masculine and feminine, see this Blog Article),  linear thinking ,which is both necessary and positive, but still linear and, thus, limited, has prevailed. That Masculine Power has been about the WILL to make certain goals & achievements possible. It has been responsible for the so-called “progress” or “advances” of the past centuries. The Masculine Power says, “I am going to drive to Las Vegas,” “I’m going to get 5,000 clients,” “I’m going to make 5K a month ,” “I’m going to find a cure for cancer,” “I’m going to reach the moon,” and does everything in its power to. And these are, as you can see, really varying degrees of helpful, but nonetheless, very much so! Metrics, strategies to get to the goal, measurable achievements: all of this is Masculine Power. It’s simple thinking in the sense that I have a goal: did I make it or not? Measurable. Did I reach it or not? What else can I do to make it possible, and when/how can I implement it now? linear-green

Feminine Power, in contrast, is—think, Customer Service. It’s EXPERIENTIAL thinking. How did you leave your customers / clients feeling? How did you feel about the goal that you set?  about reaching it? H For those of you familiar with Danielle LaPorte, it’s very “Core Desired Feelings.” That is what I love about Danielle’s work: the focus of, “how do we feel in our day to day world? Do we feel happy walking around? Do we feel connected? Do we feel like we are contributing to the world?” Feminine Power is also about LISTENING in to the Universal Forces, considering things, both others and the environment, not just plundering or white knuckling through our goals in spite of feelings.


Masculine Power is about setting goals, like making 5K a month and producing more and more digital products, and Feminine Power is about how does that feel–for both me and my clients? Am I considering and honoring all of the feedback the Universe is giving me? Is my body really tired? Is a certain body part screaming out for help? Is my child well-taken care of and nurtured?  What is the experience like? It’s about community & relationship building. It’s like a globalized customer service vs. the metrics of the situation.


See, both are super necessary in life, to build your business or whatever. AND it’s also like we are living this huge paradigm shift of living in a world where it was all about masculine power: graduate college, get a job, and then buy this house; a very linear, from A to Z kind of life. Now we are shifting into feminine—what is success for me? What do I really want to be feeling? And, very importantly, recognizing our interconnectedness as part of a bigger living organism called Gaia. Most of us want a life that is joyful, connected, and of contribution (you are giving back). I think those are 3 very common things: joyful, connected, and contributing somehow to the world.



Did you ever have an experience in which you really wanted something,  you put all of your will power behind it, and, even so, it still did not manifest?  Perhaps you’ve used the words, “It just wasn’t meant to be.” What do those words even mean? I believe they are pointing to the fact that we are a part of a larger macrocosm and, we are limited, in some ways. Our will power (Masculine Principle) can only get us so far, until we can truly tune in and hear what the Universe (woo-woo) or simply (less woo-woo) our community, our friends, our world around us is also needing from us or not able to give us currently (the Feminine Principle).

At times it can be appropriate for us to shut out the world around us, in spite of its demands, and to cultivate time for ourselves. This can be using the Masculine Principle to truly defend or set limits/boundaries for ourselves. I talk about this in this other blog article here. This is so important. At one point, this even meant life or death: we would fight bears or wild animals off, kill animals to eat, etc. We could not have LIVED without literally killing the world around us to eat. And, just like all spectrums have their checks & balances, we also need to make sure that we are not going to the extreme of abusing our Masculine Power and exerting our will to the extreme detriment of others. This TENDS not to be the problem of most of the women I work with: most women I work with tend to have the problem of not using their Masculine Power ENOUGH. I talk about that more in this blog article here. 

The Feminine Principle, rather than a line, linear thinking, is symbolized by the spiral. Life is seen through cycles or stages of evolution, processes that we undergo of growth, rather than A to B type of thinking. We set goals, and then we, more than likely, if we pay attention rather than bulldoze over the signs, will need to realign and readjust to make sure we are in alignment with our principles, our values, and truly serving, not just ourselves, but also the greater good, and vice-versa–not just serving others, but ourselves. This kind of consideration of the breadth or width of life, not just the linear height of the goals and how high we can jump or succeed, is the Feminine Principle, in all of its glory, that celebrates and honors life and all of its creatures.


I think it’s about the masculine being in service to the feminine. I will talk about this more in the online webinar I am facilitating about the sacred Mayan Calendars and how they ACTUALLY apply to your day-to-day world TODAY. Basically, how do the Masculine & Feminine Powers work together? How do we have the Inner Marriage that Carl Jung, founder of psychoanalytical psychology, talked about? How do we find that within ourselves? Amazing questions to ask ourselves. How do we create goals that are in service of our happiness, of our contribution ,of our connection?

That is all for now, but I hope that you have a beautiful, joyful day in connection and communion.
For more blog articles I have written on the Masculine & Feminine, please see:
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