Impatience in Mothering

I’m tackling a difficult subject today, when embraced with the heart: impatience in mothering. When you’re a mom, you’re bound to experience impatience at some point, to some extent or another.

For those of you who have particular trouble with this, I see women struggle with this impatience and in my experience and observation, what happens is that there is an ignoring of one’s own needs. We could call it ignoring our own Inner Child, emotional self—in the end, we are not taking enough time to deal with that.

As a mom, you can become aware of that and find it doubly frustrating when there seems to be no apparent way to TAKE the time. It can feel despairing when, aware that we need more time for ourselves, to care for our own needs, we can’t seem to find within our environment, the resources to TAKE that care, that self-care time, to spend with ourselves.

In my experience & observation, the more we become aware and can sit with ourselves in this awareness, holding that compassion with and for ourselves, through the possible feelings of frustration and even anger—which are very likely from an original wounding of not being seen or not having our needs met—and we can still show up for ourselves and in the very least provide ourselves with our own empathy and presence, somehow, our Inner Self settles down and we start to have a greater patience with our selves and others.

One of my mentors said, “You always have presence & empathy to give yourself.” No matter what else is going on outside of you, tantrums, how many roles or duties there are to fulfill, bringing that quality of presence and understanding for and with yourself, will transform your experience of EVERYTHING.

If all of this feels like a lot to put into practice for yourself, please join us in the Feminine & Motherhood Empowerment Lounge, if you’re not in there already. We will be doing “Quality ME Time UN-Challenge” and you’re welcome to join us.

Whether you’re a mom or not, the Mother Archetype shows up for us ALL in all aspects of life.

If you’d like to explore more personally what all of this looks like and translates for you in your life with me, sign up for a FREE Motherhood Empowerment Assessment, a no-obligation 20-minute call, here.

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