The Global Embodied Leadership Conference:

Where you upgrade the life you have for the life you’re overjoyed to live!

You’ll be getting Practical Tools, Skills + Elevated Conversation that take you from feeling isolated and alone, dealing with uncomfortable feelings & bodily symptoms, dissatisfaction & lack of motivation in life, TO a RICH, VITAL, DIVERSE, EMBODIED, JUICY, pleasurable one…

This Conference will be your one-stop-shop to receive an INNER PERSPECTIVE MAKEOVER …. a Paradigm Shift, or Shift of Consciousness. You’ll come out with FRESH & HIGHER PERSPECTIVES, NEW SOLUTIONS to OLD problems, INSPIRATION to get you unstuck… and sparkly new insights on blind spots & habits that you JUST CAN’T see when you’re in ‘em. …all this to SPARK aligned & motivated actions in directions you maybe never would have imagined yourself taking but that fulfill you in the most satisfying of ways…

If you’re a high-achiever who wants a RICH, JUICY Life and is sensitive & conscientious…
And you notice that you say “YES” when you actually really wanna say “NO” or… You feel dissatisfied with life, & you have to drag your feet out of bed & do all kinds of stuff to motivate yourself for life…

Then The Global Embodied Leadership Conference will help you:

  • Better understand the ROOT cause of your SYMPTOMS (vs. always just trying to manage symptoms!)
  • Understand yourself & your situation in a NEW & different way, INSPIRE you from the ROOT vs. only pressure you to change surface things

  • By providing FRESH ideas & SOLUTIONS for what’s ailing… that address the ROOT vs. The Symptom 

In this Conference, we’re on a JOURNEY from just intellectual UNDERSTANDING to a SENSE of LIVING, EMBODIED WISDOM.

You’ll hear conversations with experts from all over the world who LIVE and walk their talk… & don’t just talk without living by their own values.

Created and hosted by Tanya Dantus,  expert at helping heart-centered women bust through inner barriers to make space for their full blossoming. Psychotherapist & leading authority on Modern Detachment Syndrome, a widespread but misunderstood condition, with a deep background in dance and theater, Tanya has a unique, multi-faceted holistic approach to helping women access their inner world and express themselves in deeply creative and sacred ways.  Tanya brings a multicultural perspective to her work. She’s a global citizen: born in Mexico City, raised in California, now living in Germany. With a BA in Cultural Anthropology, she has a love for travel, different perspectives, arts and culture. She has made guest appearances on the Radio, Television, Podcasts, Summits, and facilitated transformational work for hundreds of people all over USA, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.  Currently living on the edge of the Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany with her 7-year old son, she empowers women to lead their most unleashed lives.

Clients learn to confidently speak up for themselves and own their empowered “no”, so they can step into their full-bodied “Yes!” She runs her signature Right HerStory, Unleash Your Inner Rockstar, and the Power of No, locally, internationally, and online. 

DAY 1: Monday, February 3, 2020 Welcome
Topic: Community & Trauma-Informed Model
*Welcome Talk with Tanya Dantus

*Interview with Shannon Thompson, founder of Shakti Rising & midwife of the Soul, and Angie Hensley, LMFT

Angie Hensley

Shannon Thompson

Day 2: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 Topic: Ritual & Depth Psychology Interview with Joanna Lindenbaum, Master Coach & Ritualist

Interview with Abner Flores, bilingual therapist and neuropsychologist 

Day 3: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 Topic: Expressive Arts & Embodiment

Interview with Patricia Baquero, scientist, dancer, & facilitator of women’s circles

Interview with Jess Grippo, Dancer, Creativity Coach & Author

Interview with Nicola Humber, Author & Founder of The Unbound Press

Day 4: Thursday, February 6, 2020 Topic: Decolonizing Consciousness & Embodied Leadership

+Keynote Speech & Closing Remarks

Interview with Lyla June Johnston, Singer & Activist

Keynote Speech & Closing Remarks with Tanya Dantus

The Recordings will be released on the day that Speaker is scheduled & available for a limited time during/after the event (until Wednesday, February 12th,2020).