Dear Reader,

It is with teary-eyes that I sit here to write this short, little welcome & introduction to you.

And it is with teary-eyes and dusty feet, hands, everything…as it’s been a long road. Many, countless people, teachers, fortuitous encounters (& even ones that did not feel so fortunate), and an entire Universe that has conspired to bring me & you here together today. And I am soo blessed. ~*

I am grateful for my family–my husband and my son, my father, and my in-laws, who are, in short, angels of love surrounding me. Thank you. I love you all. And I thank my friends, teachers….

And I thank you, Reader. For it is that spark in you of desire that has me be here today. This desire must be not only honored, but fed. Feed this fire. It is what brings me to you, and also what in you brings you here. It is that which brings us together.

My intention is that this page serve to feed that sacred, holy fire in you, and to collectively bring us together in Union, so that we may fulfill our potential, our legacy, on this Planet of living together in beauty and harmony.

So much to say, it can feel a little overwhelming, like I took a little long in inviting you all here. Well, in the meantime, pull up a chair and a cup of tea….browse our CRAZY LAUNCH Specials. Read about our Mexico Fund. And enjoy!

Have a quiet, peacefully powerful day…

Yours truly,