“Out of Your Head!”

Out of Your Head

This week’s blog plays around with the idea of how being in and using our bodies really gets us out of our heads (something that can just turn into one more concept if we don’t actually put the footwork to go alongside with it). Reminds me of the African saying (ugh, hate the vagueness of that statement, I just don’t know the source and I got it via Kate Northrup): “When you pray, use your feet.”

As a dancer, I find that phrase to fit particularly well, but, even if you are not a mover or dancer, you are an artist of sorts: whether you kick butt at editing, engineering, your forté is decorating people’s houses, baking something delicious, I am positive YOU have a special gift not only other people enjoy but you delight partaking in as well! If you have a hard time connecting with that, get out of your head! Just kidding. That too, but just think of when you were a kid and what you really loved to do.

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Take care & I will “see” you next week. Oh yeah! I wanna hear about your superpower that gets you out of your head. And if you dare, share with me your link. Here is the link to one of my fave dance videos I did this week.

With love,

Watch this week’s vlog below:

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