Do you yearn to feel WORTHY?

To have clarity & awareness about your intrinsic worthiness & dignity, your right to set boundaries & self-advocate??

What if you truly, truly LOVED yourself above any other, and stopped betraying yourself to avoid making others uncomfortable?

Can you imagine what it would be like if you embodied your Empowered, Self-Expressed Queen? And to, in this way, empower others, rather than enable them? 

If you know your life (and relationships & career) will totally change the moment you feel WORTHY and embrace your QUEEN, then I invite you to apply to The Power of No Lab.

Through this powerful Lab, you’ll learn how to:

  • You will get really clear on your No’s and Yes’esyour BIG “yes” & what you need to say “no” to get there.
  • You will practice saying “no” and setting boundaries, in spite of any possible feelings of guilt. 
  • Most importantly, you will have an EMBODIED experience of these things, so operating from great compassion for yourself and all beings.
  • You will make SUSTAINABLE changes, that fit YOU and YOUR lifestyle, not try to mold others’ teachings or others’ truth to your life.
  • You will feel out where your boundaries lie in your body, what they are connected to, and begin the process of aligning yourself with your own highest truth, matching your inner truth with your outer life.
  • You will see with clarity how to baby step your way to your highest dreams & goals, & actually make them happen, without beating yourself up along the way.
  • You will get SUPER clear that others’ reactions & behaviors are THEIRS! (not yours)
  • You will be in a safe space to be able to tune into your anger healthily & see what it wants to express & communicate.

How would it feel to feel WORTHY? To have clarity & awareness about your intrinsic worthiness & dignity, your right to set boundaries & self-advocate??

What if you truly, truly LOVED yourself above any other, and stopped betraying yourself to please others? 

Can you imagine what it would be like if you embodied your Empowered, Self-Expressed Queen? 

If you are already clear
that your dreams matter & that you model for others how you wish to be treated, then, go ahead & apply for The Power of No Lab below.  

Then our Team will be shortly in touch with you. 


"The Power of No Lab:
Essential Components for Unleashing Your True Power"

Are you a driven yet highly sensitive woman who yearns for career success and a healthy romantic partnership?

Yet you find that:

You want to say “No” – at work or at home – but feel you can’t? 

You want to ask for your desires, but it feels impossible to speak up?

or worse, you feel guilty any time you do say “No”?

You get angry at the demands people place on you, but you bottle it up inside you?


In this TRANSFORMATIONAL workshop, you will get to explore:

*Moving through layers of energetic & /or physical blocks in your body to get to your authentic “YES” and “No!” 

*Speaking your truth in a safe space 

*Being safely held and empowered in a circle of powerful women 

*What it feels like in your body to move from your center & truth, rather than old core wounding. 

Ready to find your Inner Badass?

What would it be like to experience Ease and Grace around the experience of saying “no” & setting boundaries? 

What would it be like to spend 4 whole months giving space to the part of you that wants to be able to say “No”, in a safe space, with all of the permission, being seen, validated, and supported in your fierceness AND your beauty? 

Using the power of your body vs. endless mental analysis you can find your “Yes” and “No” so much quicker!!   

Join me and other like-minded women in going from being a pushover to OWNING your time, space & value (a.k.a. boundaries)!! 

4 Month Online Program begins June 14th, 2021

Investment: Early Bird 1596€ ($1928 USD) until May 31st (with Payment Plan Option 4 x 399€ or $482 USD) 

Reg. Price: 1796€ ($2172 USD) (with Payment Plan Option 4 x 449€ or $543US)

Space is limited to 20 participants. 

Then our Team will be shortly in touch with you.


Power of No Lab Features

4 Month, 8 Module Course. 

20 participants maximum. 5 minimum. 

Price: 1596€ / $1928 USD Early Bird (Payment Plan Available of 4 Payments of 399€/$482 USD)

1796€ / $2172 USD Regular Price (Payment Plan Available of 4 Payments of 449€ / $543 USD) 


7 Video Modules Delivered to Your Inbox

Video, audios, PDF’s delivered straight into your inbox, every other week, for you to study at your own pace. Like required reading for the course, this material will help us get on the same page & deepen. We nuance & bring to life in the Deep Circles & Body Labs. 

Live Kickoff Call. 

Let’s get this party started (1 hr)

1 Individual Session with Tanya

Deep dive private session with Tanya, who’s gifted at helping you see some gems to pull out of those deep waters for you to play with in your life. (can be used at any time in the 4 months)

3 Deep Circles

Safe space in which to bring the material into your personal life, share what you’re playing with, own it, change your mind, get reflections, see yourself reflected. Journaling, Nuancing & Sharing. (2 hrs. each)

4 Body Lab Sessions

 Movement & Dance sessions to feel alive in your body, move what wants to be moved, feel into what wants to be felt, integrate the discussions & material in our bodies *body-mind-psyche integration*. (1 hour 15 min. each)

Facebook Community Group

Sisterhood…sharing. And you can also ask any questions or share at any time in our Community FB Group. 🙂

1 Group Next Steps/ Closing Call

To integrate, bring some closure, and prepare & make way for what’s to come…

*All Calls, Circles, Lab, & Sessions will be held via Zoom Video. You are requested to keep your video on, to encourage participation and focus/attention on the course. Breaks will be given, accordingly, and will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

What People are Saying about Tanya's Group Programs:

The Body Lab was a bright dot in a dark time at the beginning of the lockdown...

Often it feels as if Tanya knows exactly what I need before I’m able to guess it. That’s what the practice brought to me –  a design mix of different body movements that were beneficial to my body and general well being.

I loved the Deep Circles! It is a safe and supported place where I could be as vulnerable and honest as I needed to be.

As Tanya’s client for more than a year, I can only give all the praises to her approach and support as a therapist.

As Tanya’s client for more than a year, I can only give all the praises to her approach and support as a therapist.


Silvija B.

“My time sharing, meditating, and moving together with Tanya and the wonderful group of women brought so much grounded energy and clarity to my daily life!! It was some much needed soul food, especially during challenging times like these!
It helped me develop new ways to regularly engage with my soulfulness and it really empowered me to continue uncovering and connecting to my feminine energy and that sacred inner voice. 
Also, being able to speak openly in a small and safe female community was a powerful and moving experience. 
 Tanya is not only a truly gifted teacher and guide, but a complete delight!!!

                                                                                                   Lindsey B.

Right Her Story was an extraordinary experience!!!!

The journey through the program helped me to initiate and deepen the connection to my inner self. I didn’t realize how much I needed this when we started, and as the time progressed the benefits of the work and tools started to show up in all aspects of my life in huge ways and they continue to do so!

I think the best part of all was being able to experience this with a small group of women. It was PROFOUND and touched my life deeply to experience this with a community of women/sisters!

I am so thankful for Tanya, the women and this program!



“Right HerStory is an enriching experience of self-exploration and discovery! Through the program, Tanya helped me to find my voice and ease of expression. Relationships with the people in my life have been transformed because I no longer feel resistance in sharing my true self. I found the courage to write and share something personal to me that needed to be shared. Because of Right HerStory, I finally feel at peace with and confident about who I am.”


RHS was a life-changing experience; a journey of self-realisation and self-acceptance which led to a greater self-confidence and self-belief. … led me to be able to open up and share from the depth of me, for my own benefit but also that of others. 

It was only made possible from the safe, sisterhood that was created within our group. A safe circle was held where we knew we were safe and which helped push us out of our comfort zones. We entered new zones, ones of vulnerability and unknown territory…We shared the vulnerable sides of ourselves, but in a loving, caring circle and as a result of that we could experience love, friendship, care and true acceptance. 

Tanya lovelingly guided, led and cajoled us to open-up, to look within, and find our story…the one that needed sharing and then helped us to find our words, strength and courage to share it. I learnt to accept my story.. to first listen to it and feel it, and then express it, share it and even dance with it.

I saw parts of me that had been masked and hidden by wounds or fears and I began to see that there are undiscovered, exciting parts of me that are yet to be fully experienced and explored. 

I now know that ‘I can’. I can face things that scare me and everything will be alright. I can achieve something if I commit to it and put my mind to it. I can try something new. I can create and be creative. 

The passion and dedication that Tanya puts into her work is inspirational.. she’s clearly very knowledgable and experienced but it’s also clear that she does her work from love, and that’s special.. that’s what makes it so great.. her passion and her genuine desire to help people. 

I would recommend the programme to anybody who has something to share. To anybody who would like to know themselves better. To anybody who thinks sharing an experience of theirs could help others, or help themselves. To anybody who wants to find a deeper self-confidence. To anybody that would like to find love and acceptance from an amazing group of women, because that’s what I’m hoping you’ll find too! 

Maryam A. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this Program for you?

Do you struggle in certain life situations, whether personal or professional, with setting limits, boundaries, telling a person “no”, and being consequent? (i.e. not backing down, not feeling guilty with your choice, etc.)

If you do at all, even if you are a seasoned practitioner, you will get a lot out of the weekend. Not only will you be delving deep into roots of WHY this is so for you, and trying on new ways of being in a safe & contained space, but you will also be in a group of amazing women. That, in and of itself, can be so transformative and healing, when you do inner work with other safe people; it can take so much of the shame & “stuck” energy out of it. Sharing it with others who understand & empathize alone will be so helpful. 

2) What exactly will the Lab consist of? Is this all lecture format? Why “Lab”?–what is that about? 

Sure! Good question. I work with several layers of the self: intellectual, emotional, physical, and then one  more, which we could call the “transcendent”. I will be providing exercises such as journaling, rituals, expressive arts exercises (amongst which can be role playing, movement, drawing, for example) and also there will be moments where there will be presentation mode, where I will be explaining some material. We will also have our “Body Lab” in which we will be moving & dancing. The moving & dancing is NOT about how it looks to others or competitiveness, it’s about getting in touch with your own inner world,  body, and sensations, and how the material we talk about lands in your body and life. It’s a real experiential process, not one that is meant to provide rigid cookie-cutter answers for every body. You will never be asked to dance on your own in front of the class if you don’t want to or share something you don’t want to share. I want to make sure you are fully consenting, feeling empowered and at choice. 🙂 Last but not least, there will be partner & group sharing.

3) What will I take away or get out of the Lab? What will my ROI be?

This really, really depends on you, however, you will: 

a) Gain much awareness around yourself, your patterns, what holds you back, around setting limits in your life and HOW this is impacting you in the present, as well as how it has impacted you in the past. 

b) You will feel more motivated and inspired to shift certain patterns. 

c) You will become clear about at least 1-2 situations that you definitely need to shift & transform, and feel more confident about the steps you need to make that happen. 

d) The awareness you have about what holds you back will provide you with much more empathy, compassion, and understanding for yourself, which will help you take empowered action moving forward (vs. white-knuckling it through or doing something out of integrity for yourself, I will highly encourage & empower you to move forward WITH all the pieces of yourself, including the parts that are uncomfortable or afraid). 

e) Hopefully, you will walk away feeling a sense of normalcy about your issues, as well as camaraderie with other like-minded women facing very similar issues. And hopefully you can also stay in touch with some of them, and thus have continued camaraderie & accountability, someone with which to share! 🙂

f) More freedom around actually feeling & expressing your emotions!

g) Much more.. but I will allow you to discover for yourself. 

If you are still feeling like you’re not 100% sure if this is for you or not, please feel free to apply for a Clarity Call with me, and we can discuss if this is the right fit, no obligation, easy peasy. You can set up a call here with me. 

And, if you simply have a question, feel free to e-mail me at info@tanyadantus.com & I am happy to answer your questions.

If you are ready to say YES to this Program, apply here to speak up for your spot. 

I agree with the Dalai Lama that the world will be saved by the Western woman. And I think it’s largely because she marries the qualities of love & nurturing WITH setting boundaries. If you are ready to practice your ability to say “no” & set limits, and face whatever holds you back, say “Yes” to this Lab.

 As my dear yoga teacher Tim Miller said, “Flexibility without strength is a liability.” We must strengthen our “No” so our “YES” resounds more powerfully. One way of doing this is by joining me and other like-minded women on June 14th. Link to apply is here.

Our Team will be in touch shortly. 

About Your Guide

Tanya Dantus is an expert at helping heart-centered women bust through inner barriers to make space for their full blossoming. She is the founder and facilitator of the Motherhood Empowerment Program, Right HerStory, Unleash Your Inner RockStar, and The Power of No. With a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and a B.A. in Anthropology, Tanya marries knowledge and intuition, as well as embodied wisdom and spirituality, embracing the power of the expressive arts, dance, and movement. Always extremely intuitive and fascinated by the world of symbols and depth, she’s committed to a path of deeply knowing and expressing herself for over 15 years. She has made guest appearances on the Radio, Television, Podcasts, Summits, and facilitated transformational work for hundreds of people all over USA, Mexico, Canada, and Germany. Currently living on the edge of the Black Forest with her son, she empowers women to lead their most unleashed lives.