The Embodied Piece: The Arts

SO, how do we learn to take care of ourselves from a loving place, the core, rather than coming from a place of competition or trying to be like the Jones or fit in? How do we approach our dreams, our goals, our desires, from a grounded, centered place?

I explore this in my Blog Articles in a 3 part series about how each of the following play an important role in approaching our goals from love. Below, specifically, how the Arts can help us.


The Arts are a powerful way to help us get connected to choice. We can make choices at any given moment when we are given a play script or a monologue, for example. The way one actor interprets things is TOTALLY different from how another actor approaches the SAME, exact words and gestures. We can get such a different flavor from the energy he/she puts behind it.


So, practicing an art form, whether it be dance, theater, improv, poetry—anything—we can train ourselves to make creative choices. To notice our reactions and habits. Do we tend to be perfectionist, work and work on something and still feel displeased with it? Or, maybe, the playful nature of some of these art forms makes us feel like we have permission to “make mistakes” (I particularly love improv for that!) and , thus, the genius of our unedited, creative, pure selves comes out, when our inner perfectionist critic takes a backseat and just watches without speaking for a while.

What do you think? Have you ever tried improv theater or dance? Anything else that gets you into that sort of space? I love it…and I hope you will join me for…

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