The Embodiment Piece: Intro

The Embodiment Piece

We can look at our wounds, stay in the insights, look at our blind spots, all we want…

But none of that will work unless we move into the embodiment piece.

For example, one may be aware that one has a wound with the mother, and that it shows up as neglecting, not taking care of oneself. This wound may show up as a struggle within the self to overdo it and then abandon self. It can manifest as dieting and ultra rigorous care with self, for short or long periods of time, white-knuckling it, using sheer will power. But then, regressing, binging, and going the opposite way, gaining the weight back, for example, or more seriously, returning to a negative self-talk that is worsened (“See, you can never do what you set out to do,” “You always give up,” etc).

This could be explored as a self-sabotaging behavior or an upper limit problem. We could also—using mindfulness see that, even in the part where the ultra rigorous “care” is taking place, it’s not actually really care. It’s stemming from a place of “fixing” what is apparently wrong—the surface, the looks, not the root. The focus is not in connecting in with the younger self within that needs attention, to be taken care of. The need for a diet comes from the piece that wants to people please or fear of not being good enough. Then, as we start to gain control, discipline, confidence, some part of us RESENTS that we ever acted from this place of feeling not good enough; we start going in the opposite direction.

This particular example is very common in the world: Let’s sign up for this program, the gym, and then we do this full-on for some time, using sheer will, perhaps some inspiration to start. For example, boot camps, we use that “What would people say if we did not complete this.” But it is not coming from an inner-centeredness that we would, for example, care for a child like.



SO, how do we learn to take care of ourselves from a loving place, the core, rather than coming from a place of competition or trying to be like the Jones or fit in? How do we approach our dreams, our goals, our desires, from a grounded, centered place?

I explore this in my Blog Articles in a 3 part series about how each of the following play an important role in approaching our goals from love.

-Connecting with the Inner Child

-Core Desired Feelings and an Empowering Context


-The Arts

If you would like support in answering these questions for your self, then book a Free Motherhood Empowerment Assessment with me, here. 

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