The Importance of the Masculine Principle

Often times I see women struggling with the action part of their business. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that women are in essence slackers or anything such. I think women have often been working hard and not being appreciate for their hard work, as seen by the statistic of women being paid 79 cents on the dollar to men (Statistic accessed from http://www.iwpr.org/initiatives/pay-equity-and-discrimination on 4/1/16).

SO, when I see women struggling to put the action behind their knowing, behind their vision, behind their intuition, or to in any way make bank, what I often find is that there is a hidden, underlying belief:

The belief that they are unworthy.

By not ever putting the dreams, the goals into action, or putting their 100% into it, they can avoid the disappointment of not reaching their goals, thus maintaining the core belief that they are unworthy of what they desire.

It’s sad. I see a lot of women pretend that they don’t know what they want. They also often accumulate tons of schooling, certifications, trainings, and more, in order to prove to themselves that they ARE indeed worthy of what they want. Yet, because they have not addressed the core, underlying belief, they may keep superficially addressing it, but not at the core, they are still unwilling or unable to take action that actually furthers their goal and gets them closer to achieving it (which would then DISPROVE their core belief of being unworthy).

This is the importance of taking action. Action often gets us tapped into or tuned into the feeling of “being”. This is the great paradox because all I wrote in this other article, here, is ALSO true. You can understand what I mean with how action puts you into “being” when you think of how you feel when you get your homework or a big project done: you feel accomplished, you tune in to that “vibe” because you DID something. You took action and as a consequence felt relief, maybe pride, accomplishment.

Great examples of the Masculine Principle that I see women struggle with are: making the sale on sales calls or other opportunities to sell; buying things for themselves that they really want or investing in themselves. There seems to be this notion that one is selfish if one puts one’s own needs before everybody else’s. But, if we really break that down, it’s ridiculous. Think about when you go to the bathroom: you have to put everyone else’s needs before yours for that moment. It’s an important moment. Same as when you put food in your mouth. These moments, of putting yourself ahead of others, are important. You can ALSO reframe them to seeing how they are really providing for others. For example, think of how good, grateful, and worthy you feel when you buy something valuable, that you want. Now, when you sell something, think of what an amazing opportunity you are providing for someone else to feel grateful, good, worthy, buying from you. Same goes for investing in yourself.* (*some of the ideas in this paragraph come from my fabu friend and mentor, Jess Lorimer.)

It all comes down to the core notion of being worthy. Really looking at why it is that you do not feel worthy (enough) for X or Y, where that belief comes from, and really looking at it objectively, as a witness rather than a judge, and with an open heart, lovingly, to see if it is true or not. BEING worthy is about taking the actions that will set you up to FEEL worthy of all the great that is coming into your life right now.

If you would like to explore what areas of your life you still have a lot more room for action & power than you care to believe, check out my FREE Self-Quiz here. And, you are also welcome to book a Free 20-minute, obligation-free, Empowerment Assessment with me, Tanya Dantus here.

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