“These are A Few of My Favorite (Online, Free) Things”…

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

We have all heard those words: “Self-care”. And, truth is, sometimes those can be so broad, and, often, we fail to recognize those tiny things that can seriously lift our spirits and have us step into our best selves. I wanted to take a moment to both, give gratitude to some of my favorite (online) things and resources, AND, also, to share them with you.

Best thing about this, as I reflected upon it is, that they’re FREE. Totally 100% free. We have somehow gotten used to the idea that self-care has to be “expensive” or time costly. The truth of the matter is, the best self-care I’ve seen could be described as a shift in awareness or intention. Tiny moments, huge differences, in how you feel, how you see the world, experience it. AND-how people experience YOU!


Here are just a handful of some of my favorite (AND FREE) ways that I love myself up: tiny ways to nourish my soul and let myself know I care. J Because I care about you, too, and sharing is caring. And yes–“Sound of Music” WAS, too, one of my very favorite things (and music ls in general…)… but let’s get back to this blog. Here’s the list: 🙂 Oh, and I didn’t mention they’re all accessible online–from a laptop or cell phone! Yup…totally mommy-and kid-friendly. 🙂 While he’s napping…boom! While she’s eating lunch–bam! 🙂 You’re welcome.

  • Meditations:
  1. Sarah Hall-Cutting Cords Meditation & more of her meditations (free on YouTube)  : There’s something about her voice. It works for me (you may or may not love it like I do…give it a few minutes try and see).
  2. Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s Free 21-Day Meditation Experience: What rhymes with Oprah and only gets dopa’? Okay, I promise you these are better than my rhymes. This dynamic duo is SERIOUSLY a gift to humanity. Take Oprah’s experience interviewing the health & wellness industry’s top experts for decades, and the wisdom of Chopra, and you get a seriously quality product.These are offered a few times a year and change thematically, and are Currently (November 2016) they are offering one on Ideal Relationships.
  3. Nidra Yoga: For those of you who have a hard time relaxing or getting to sleep, Nidra Yoga is a great practice. Many versions on YouTube, this link here is one I love.

MYFavorite Things

  • Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a fabulous way to clear blocks, step out of limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, in an EMBODIED way (and from the comfort of your own seat). You don’t have to have ANY experience to follow along these two great practicians.
    1. Brad Yates: A classic in the self-help and coaching world. He has something like 600 (free) videos up on his channel, organized according to topics (money, wellbeing, Law of Attraction, and more).
    2. Nicola Humber: I personally know Nicola and was recently introduced to her work. I really enjoy her loving and warm, feminine energy. It’s really great.
  • Tut Love Notes from the Universe: If you’re not yet signed up, go do it. Now! Love notes, straight to your inbox. Love these!


*Disclaimer: Tanya Dantus is not a doctor or physician and cannot be held liable for these recommendations. Be sure to consult with your own doctor or physician whether these workouts are appropriate for you or your body type/condition. You accept any of these recommendations at your own risk.

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