VLOG: Valuing Our Time & Worth

Many of us who have struggled with codependency at some point in our lives, hopefully eventually find healing. When we do, we may find our life full of newfound business, whether it be with children, healthy relationships, or a new business or hobby.

One of the things I have found as I have deepened in my own healing is that my own reticence to charge money for the work that I do has EVERYTHING to do with my healing. The same internal trait that has had me worrying about others and wanting to give them the love and healing that I feel that I can provide, has had me, in the past, wanting to provide potential customers with material, caretaking them, not giving them the opportunity to pay for the service and/or choose for themselves whether or not they want the service.

This may sound painful and/or difficult, yet it is so LIBERATING! Once you stumble on to this, the exciting thing comes, which is healing. Now I am finally seeing through to the energetic importance of charging for what one does. It is almost like safeguarding someone’s growth, like that height requirement on a fast ride at the amusement park: if a person is not willing yet to pay for the course (they may at another time), then it just means they are not ready for it. It is currently not for them. We will see if it is for them at another time.

Check it out more in-depth on my video blog :). And please let me know below if you can relate or if you had any insights for yourself during this vlog.

Valuing Our Time & Worth. Healthy Giving. Codependency. Spiritual Entrepreneurs VLOG May 4, 2015 from Tanya Dantus on Vimeo.

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