What exactly IS Empowerment? Part I

Why talk about it? What is relevant about it in our actual lives?

My intention is to tackle this jargon that’s so widely used in the coaching industry by confronting it head on and exploring what IS so important about empowerment, and especially for women.  

The word “Empowerment” is defined as “authority or power given to someone to do something; the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights,” according to the Oxford Dictionary (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/empowerment)


My main issue with the word “empowerment” is that it contains the word “power” within it, and we have SO many connotations (not necessarily positive) with this word, since power has been so misused in our society and history, that the word “empowerment” could sound like something we would want to avoid (so that we wouldn’t misuse our power).


When I talk about EMPOWERMENT, I talk about what each and every healing modality from all cultures has taught us to do, which is to STOP GIVING OUR POWER AWAY to people, places, memories, institutions, beliefs etc. that DO NOT SERVE US, and, rather, to return to that PIECE OF US THAT IS WHOLE, and WILL ALWAYS BE, underneath it ALL.


Any person can become disempowered—and empowered again. Many times. Even within a day. Or within a few minutes. One doesn’t have to belong to a disenfranchised group or anything to become disempowered. White man can be disempowered. And, there is something about belonging to a group—or rather, attaching to the stereotypes attached to these “disenfranchised groups” by dominant subcultures—that can be disempowering. And, one of those groups, could be considered “women”. I don’t consider women intrinsically to be disempowered, but rather to be facing a lot of disempowering dialogues in our culture, society, history, times, etc.


The point is that when one stops giving her power to an institution, belief, –outside forces—and allows one to be self-empowered, empowered from within, one can be empowered by something that comes from within and yet is SO much bigger. Whatever name you want to give that—Source, God, Goddess, Higher Self, whatever—by liberating ourselves from the chords that bind us to unconscious beliefs and all of that which does NOT serve us from the OUTSIDE—we return to our Inner Source and become Servants to our Highest Self (insert your preferred Title/name for that).

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