Why I dance or Winter Solstice 2016

Why I dance… 

Or do anything artistic at all.

When I am in that space, it’s like… finally, I see with (more of a) divine light.

What do I mean by that? Doing art or something artistic or creative, I can finally start to imagine how “mistakes,” or things we believe or label as such, can be beautiful (too).

See, our mind is conditioned to find fault, to judge, label, discern, categorize. Is this “good,” or is this “bad”? Is this what we “wanted” or “not”?


And let me tell you—I can be EXTREMELY great at this. SO much so that at some point, my parents thought I would make a great lawyer, always arguing and picking at something to make my point. So great.

I agree. I am.


And, so, dance and any artistic activity I can get my hands on allows me to relax!! To SEE, experience, how even that little detour, or whatever, if I just stay focused and positive and on-track, is actually a PART of the dance. That is what I love about it.


For me, it allows me to tune into the SACRED. One of the things I learned from my time as an adult living in Mexico and immersing myself in indigenous wisdom is the principle of “Ometeotl.” Ometeotl” means “the sacred duality”, or that, in other words, both the dark and the light are God.


Often I want to label things. I fall into that (common) way of looking at the world and thinking that only the “light” or the “good” is Divine. I somehow default into believing that. Sometimes, when I dance, I think it’s because there are no words, I don’t have to label things, and I can just be present with whatever is and embrace it. I don’t like the word “accept” because it almost seems like I would have to actively “do” something…whereas, in dancing, moving without stopping to label, judge, it’s more like I receive all, and remain unhindered.

Like today, I even thought of Trump and all that’s been going on and finally could see it all as part of the Divine Plan. Not split into two. All as one reality.


In this time, as we head into the Holiday Season and into the darkness of the Winter months, I invite us to.. get into the TRUE, original meaning of the holidays, and find the LIGHT within the dark. Light that candle, in the name of the return of the Sun—literal and metaphorical.
In fact, I literally invite you, to take this and make this into a little ritual with me. Write down all of what you find “Dark” within yourself or the world. Take a moment to do that, and then go beyond being grateful for this darkness, but actually write down 1, 2, or maybe even 3 things about WHY this “darkness” serves or how it actually brings something into this world. Take a moment to let it all in. Then, write down a list of the things about yourself that you easily love, your light. Take a moment and praise these qualities, writing down 1-3 benefits or how these serve the world. Lastly, how you sit with your beloved and embrace all of his/her qualities in those silent moments of utter, speechless, overwhelming flow of love, in both her/his “qualities” and things that drive you nuts, sit with your list of “Dark” and “light” and give your heart the possibility of expanding just a bit more to give thanks for it all. For this one life we have to live now. 

Thank you for being a part of my life, for taking the time to read me, to participate.


The thing is, sometimes we are in such a rush to only love the most “perfect”, praised, parts of ourselves. In a quick hurry to be loved, to be celebrated. And, the thing is, when I think to reflect on some of my most beloved friendships, I don’t really see these people’s “flaws” as “flaws”. I wouldn’t want them to change one bit. I adore them. As they are. I see these “flaws” as what makes them uniquely them, quirky.


And—I am going to tell you one more thing. My father is Jewish and while I didn’t really grow up religiously, I definitely do identify as Jewish in many senses, having grow up with many traditions and cultural nuances and flavors that I cherish. I’ve always tended towards an openness and—like many people—can feel squeamish when it’s that time to reveal that, well, I’m not technically Christian, don’t identify as such, when asked about Christmas time. At best, I answer that I am Jewish, not really religious—yes, spiritual— but that I will celebrate pretty much anything. Other times, I just say, “Sure!”


I’m going to tell you that… well, in the climate that we are living in, I want us to MOVE BEYOND these boundaries. I wish us to remember the TRUE ESSENCE of what brings us together as people to celebrate something divine, special, or holy, regardless of whether you’re Jewish, Christian, Muslim, don’t identify as religious or anything else. And the truth of that is that we come together to call that light forth—sure, literally in the Sun of the Winter Solstice—but also metaphorically (as above, so below). We are calling in the highest part of our self, our selves. We call forth the part of us that is patient, tolerant, committed, dedicated, true to ourselves, honest, forgiving, loving, relentless, and peace loving. We call upon the one who is willing to serve—not in spite of the self—but with the self, for all of humanity. We recognize that we ARE one, and that we are all interconnected, all belong to one race, the human one, and that there is no peace until everyone is at peace. And all of what that principle entails, too (no one is rich until all are rich, etc.).


So, let us bring in the holidays deeply in touch with the sacred…the holy (wholly), the divine. Religion (to link, tie or bind us together, same meaning as yoga), like “God”, may be a bad name or just a word that does not do the actual concept justice.

So, I invite you to get out your art supplies, put on whatever music gets you dancing, and step into that space of “Ometeotl,” or the “field beyond right and wrong,” and into your true heart. Beyond the field of words, too… of labels, of all of that…. And know that –yes, I am here. Feeling and connected to you. I love you.

I invite you to watch this video: CLICK HERE.

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