Hi! I´m Tanya

With a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and my experience as a woman & mother, I became a Psychotherapist & Feminine Leadership & Self-Expression Coach. I help women like you leave unhealthy, unhelpful social patterns & conditioning behind! I help you to come back to yourself, to feel more like yourself and feel safe to speak your truth & really claim your life!  

Through personalized coaching, group programs, online classes, retreats, workshops, & speaking events, I take a stand for you to:

  • have the love you deserve
  • feel good in your body!!  and in your life!!
  • take up that project you’ve been putting off
  • have quality time with yourself, your  kids…more PRESENCE.

    You end up feeling EMPOWERED, owner of your own life, back on purpose, in much better relationship with your business or work, and family!! You’ll feel more clear on your values & living life in accordance with your values!

    If you’re like most women I work with, you have big dreams that get overshadowed by your roles: as a woman, mother, partner, caregiver, etc.

    Stuff from the past creeps up.

    Do you ever feel like you’re supposed to have it all togetherall the time–and you end up feeling
    alone, and
    … lost.

    It can feel discouraging when you don’t seem to get far on your to-do list, you spin your wheels and you can’t seem to please everybody, or yourself, and you just don’t know where to turn or what else to do anymore. And, with what time?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, I invite you to read through my Blog, where I offer lots of free coaching & teachings, or check out my Group Offerings here or more about my 1-1 offerings, both Psychotherapy & Coaching here. I offer a gift of  an Initial Consultation to explore with me, to get to know each other a little bit, and I am happy to gift you with a mini-treatment plan suggestion, and, if you’re interested, we’ll talk about what programs of mine would be a good fit. Go here to book this gifted Initial Consultation.

Personally, I am a mother & currently live in Del Mar, California after 7 years of living in Freiburg, Southwestern Germany, by the Black Forest, bordering on Switzerland & France. I enjoy spending a lot of time in Nature, which refreshes & inspires me. I was born in (and love)  Mexico City, and have also lived in Southern & Northern California, New York City, Tulum/Playa Del Carmen, and Santa Fe (New Mexico). I consider myself a global citizen, speak several languages, am a total travel enthusiast! I love reading, and am currently finishing my own forthcoming book. I am also a passionate dancer & performer… I love the arts, yoga, & good, fresh food! I also feel super grateful that I get to do what I do–it’s a lifestyle for me!

Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.
April 2015


While obtaining my Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Depth Psychology,  I performed over 500 direct service hours of a practicum at New Beginnings, a San Diego non-profit, where I counseled adults, children, teenagers, and families, while  under clinical super supervision & rigorous training. Previously, I also volunteered extensively (over 1400+ hours) at an organization called Shakti Rising, supporting women ages 15-30 in recovery from trauma, eating disorders, and addiction.

My M.A. in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology is from Pacifica Graduate Institute, founded by Stephen Aizenstat. We learned clinical skills as well  as taking a holistic approach, viewing the person as a whole being and not just a diagnosis. To learn more about Pacifica, click here.

I am influenced by 3 Main Schools of thought in Psychology: Depth Psychology, Somatic (focus on the body) Psychology, and Liberation Psychology, specifically freeing ourselves from the effects of systemic oppression, particularly  as it refers to living the effects of our Gender (particularly Women’s) & as POC in this world, our experiences and learning what helps us cope as such. Then, I also have training & initiations in (see below for details) Coaching, Body-Based Practices (dance, yoga, and more), Mindfulness, Energy Work (certified Reiki & Theta Healing Practitioner), Feminine- & Earth-Based Spirituality, and Indigenous Wisdom (Mayan Calendar Reader, Sweatlodges, Rituals). I also have plenty of experience with Trauma, Addiction, & Recovery and my approach is “trauma-informed” (I am currently in Year 1 of Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training).


Other Professional Trainings & Experience:

-Gold Certified Sacred Depths Coach, 2020

Landmark Education: Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, all Communication Courses (those available in 2010) including Introduction Leader Program, Self-Expression & Leadership Program, and more.

**Somatic & Body-Based Practices**

I’ve danced since I can remember, or since I was 3 years old. Since then, I studied classical ballet most extensively, as well as modern dance. In high school, I was a member of “The Performing Dance Group” at my school, an audition-only group that performed year-round and went on tour. I choreographed extensively and won a “Performing Dance Award,” given to one dancer in the school, my senior year (1997).

After high school, I turned towards more culturally-diverse forms of dance that allowed for a feminine-body, such as African Dance, Belly dance, as well as Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance), Bollywood, and Hip-Hop. I also did one year of Dance Teacher Training at Eveoke Dance Theatre in San Diego.
I danced professionally as a fire dancer in Tulum, Mexico, at a spa, and in numerous shows, including a film in Los Angeles.

*Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training*
Beginning I with Ariel Giarrotto, May 2022


Kinepathics School– 200 hour Yoga Alliance (YA)-certified Teacher Training, 2005
Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga– 200 hour YA-certified Teacher Training, 2008
Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, private, 2008
Shiva Rea, The Shakti of Devotion, Venice Beach, CA 2008
Work Experience
Affirmations Yoga Studio, Chula Vista, CA

*Sensorama*–2 years of training & work as a multisensorial guide at Sensorama, encompassing knowledge of aromatherapy, massage, amongst other tools and techniques directed towards awakening through each one of the senses. Mexico City, 2002-2004
Work Experience
-Sensoguide, Mexico City, 2002-2004
-Organization and Production of 1st Day of Sensitivity, Multisensorial Festival, Mexico City, 2004
-Sensorama Workshops, Women’s Circles @ Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl and Palenque, Mexico, (September and October 2004, respectively)

-Swedish Massage Workshop and Certification, Margarita Sanchez, Mexico City, Spring 2004
-Shiatsu and Ayurvedic training at Sensorama, Mexico City, 2003

Work Experience
-Private Practice, Mexico City, 2004
-Rakshita’s Hotel and Vegetarian Restaurant, Palenque, Mexico, 2004
-Massage on the Beach and Private Practice, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2005

**Sacred Feminine, The Goddess, & Women’s Circles** 
-Organizer, Co-Producer, Workshop co-Facilitator of Women’s Circles, guided by Nyame Selassie:
Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl, Morelos, Mexico, September 2004
Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, October 2004
-Shakti Rising (SR), 2007-2010, Volunteer
House Staff at San Diego’s only gender-specific, trauma-informed recovery center, specializing in young women ages 15-30 to heal from addictions, eating disorders, and other trauma-related incidents. Received clinical training, as well as completed SR Curriculum as a resident for over 2 years, studying herbalism, participating in feminine-based group therapies, and more.
-Graduate Studies in Women’s Spirituality, New College of California, 2007

**Mayan Calendar & other Indigenous Wisdom, including Shamanism**

-B.A. in Anthropology, Columbia University, New York, 1997-2001
-Conference with José Arguelles, PhD., Palenque, Mexico, Venus Transit, June 8th, 2004
-Sendero del Jaguar, Teopantlli Kalpulli, Mexico, Julio 12-25, 2004
-Conferences, Talks, and Private Lessons with Teachers such as Hunbatz Men, Aum-Rak, and Shavaty

Work Experience
-Mayan Calendar Workshops, Mexico City, Teopantlli Kalpulli, Palenque and Playa del Carmen, 2004-2005, Santa Fe, New Mexico, San Diego, CA (2015), and more.
-Day Out of Time Festival, Teopantlli Kalpulli, Mexico, 2004, Tulum 2006, and Freiburg, Germany 2015
-Translation of El Telar del Tiempo, Mayan Calendar Agenda, from English to Spanish, 2004
-Mayan Calendar Readings & Workshops, Mexico City, Palenque, and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2005; Germany 2015-2020; online & all over the world 2005-present

-Medicine Ceremony with Freddy (Peru), Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2005
-Medicine Ceremony with Juan Ruiz (Peru), Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2005

**Energy Work**
-Reiki Level I and II, Reiku Usui, Mexico City, 2004
-Theta Healing, Level I and Advanced, 2010-2011

Work Experience
-Private Practice, Mexico City, 2004
-Rakshita’s Hotel and Vegetarian Restaurant, Palenque, Mexico, 2004
-Private Practice, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 2005

-Superhombre y el Cosmos (Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality Course), Teacher Radim, CICET, Mexico City, Mexico
-Samyana Meditation Course, Communicating with Your 4th Dimensional Self, Teacher Radim, CICET, Mexico City, Mexico

-Ecumenical Ceremony with Dalai Lama, Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City, Mexico, October 2004

**Mindfulness Training**

-Buddhist Retreat and 5 Jewels Certification with Thich Naht Hahn, Plum Village, France, Summer 2002.