Hi, I am Tanya

With a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and my experience as a woman & a mother, I became an Empowerment Coach.

I help people leave behind unhealthy and unhelpful social patterning & conditioning and tune into their OWN wisdom & truth, to re-connect in with their own deeper (ancestral) truth and draw that back into the world, to create a healthy whole.

Through personalized coaching, group programs, online classes, retreats, workshops, & speaking events, I take a stand for people to have the love they deserve, to feel good in their bodies & in their lives, to take up that project they’ve been putting off,  and to have quality time with themselves, their kids…more PRESENCE. They end up knowing themselves creators of their own lives, with their soul purpose, their life, their business, families, and values.

Often we have these big dreams that can get overshadowed by our roles. Stuff from the past creeps up. We are supposed to have it all together–all the time–and we can end up feeling inadequate, alone, and … lost. We can often feel discouraged when we don’t seem to get anywhere on our to-do list, and we spin our wheels as we can’t seem to please everybody, or ourselves, and we just don’t know where to turn or what else to do anymore. And with what time?

As you go into the Depths… you Emerge!


Through psychological support, developing awareness of one’s own self, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and patterns in general, thus creating sustainable change in choices, behavior, and, thus, eventually resulting in a whole new life, closer to the client’s truest desires.

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I find that it is SO important for us to feel aligned as Coach-Client for us to work together, that if you are considering one of my Coaching Packages, I encouragto book an Activation Call, a no obligation call, where we will get clear on what is happening in your life, what you desire, what is getting in the way, and how to move forward.

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Upcoming group programs, online classes, retreats, workshops, & speaking events

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“Working with Tanya has really allowed me to open up my heart chakra and be more vulnerable with my loved ones and client´s. The program gave me a safe place to explore my feelings and really shed light on how I was blocking myself. Tanya is very knowledgable and effective in her work, I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to my inner child ;). I definitely recommend working with Tanya, to anyone looking for deeper personal growth.”

~ Lisa Jeffs ~

“I have loved working with Tanya, she is easy to talk to, soft, strong and understanding. With her help I have moved forward on launching and promoting my yoga teacher training program (something I had a lot of fear around for YEARS) her guidance has been amazing. I have felt supported and encouraged the whole way and I feel empowered to move forward with my business while still taking care of my son and myself! This dance of mother, business owner, significant other and self is a tricky one. With Tanya´s help I am learning the steps, to be vulnerable and brave enough to voice and pursue my desires and to know at the core, my reasons why.”

~ Lisa Marchesini ~

“A lot has changed in the last year including myself…Since September last year i´ve lost over 60 pounds. I just want to thank you from my heart truly because i feel by us doing the different meditation and work that we did it really helps me grow; you unlocked something inside of me and i don´t how, but you did”.

~ Natasha Burke ~

“I highly recommend Tanya to any woman who needs to own her life! I´m experiencing a deeper connection to my husband and children and feeling more empowered and confident as i transition into fulll time entrepreneur and queen of my life. I´m planning on continuing to work with tanya to keep growing and finding better balance. Tanya helped me to see the possibilities of how my day could look, gave me permission to have fun, and the personal tools to help me make it happen”.

~ Heather Stephens ~


M.A., AMFT, Helpraktikerin für Psychotherapie. Certified Yoga Teacher + Gold Certified Sacred Depths Coach.

ADDRESS: Kartäuserstrasse 61, 79104, Freiburg, Germany & INTERNATIONAL