Clients who work with me report:

  • a DEEP emotional declutter & release that results in shifting deep-seated beliefs–which changes EVERYTHING (outlook, money, relationships, lifestyle choices, and more)
  • an invaluable awareness & insight into themselves, their choices, and patterns.
  • greater clarity on what they want in their life, their purpose, and their gifts.
  • fresh perspectives, empowering & loving reframes.
  • the feeling of being held in a transformational, unconditionally loving space.
  • accountability–> greater results & taking greater & more consistent & out-of-comfort-zone actions.
  • a positive change in thought patterns/mindset
  • …and so much more.

Sustainable long-term change comes from deeper processes, usually lasting 6-12 months.
Individual coaching is for serious applicants who are ready to commit for either a length of 3, 6-months or longer.
This is for those who:

  • Are serious about their process
  • Are thinking on a deeper level
  • Are ready & willing to face their fears & resistance, to go deep and embrace their softer, vulnerable, emotional, creative side, as well as their practical, logical side.
  • Are fully capable of taking ACTION
  • Are 100% responsive to communication
  • Are Committed to their integrity
  • Recognize the power of vulnerability, emotions, of connecting with the root causes of symptoms to really clear their own mental, energetic, psychic, psychological, and physical space from any debris and challenges, for real and for good.
  • Are ready to invest in themselves.

PRICES: 6- and 12- Month Packages Available Starting at 275€/month*
*Payment Plans Available.

I find that it is SO important for us to feel aligned as Coach-Client for us to work together, that if you are considering one of my Coaching Packages, I encourage you to book a Discovery Call, a no obligation call, where we will get clear on what is happening in your life, what you desire, what is getting in the way, and how to move forward. I am committed you get value from these calls, regardless of the outcome. If it feels like the right fit, I will ask you if you want to know more about how we could work together, and there is no attachment to an outcome. Book a totally obligation-free Call HERE.

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